A Change Of Direction

After a long time reading, reviewing and living with books, I believe that it is time for Bookmarks to change its direction. It’s time for me to close a chapter of my life that has been very fulfilling and rewarding. Being able to read a large assortment of books and review many of them has been a privilege. However, I find my time being challenged by other interests and my Family History has once again claimed centre stage for me.

Koala smallI won’t use the excuse of eye-sight issues, although this is a factor in my decision. More importantly is the issue of pursuing one’s main interests and using the time I have left to achieve a lasting chronicle of facts about my family.

So, the current Bookmarks Blog page will be transformed and will in the future be dedicated to my research into the Loveday, Taylor, Kluge, Fisher and Sadgrove families. I have compiled a large amount of facts and stories about all of these families and I will, over the months to come post some of this for those interested to see. However, there is a lot yet to discover and I welcome any news, facts, photos and stories about my family that may come my way.

Thanks to all those Authors who have entrusted their work to me for review; I do appreciate the trust given. Good Luck with all who put fingers to the keyboard and seek to have their work published.

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