Publish that eBook

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Publish that eBook.

Publish that eBook

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The concept of eBook publishing is quite simply amazing.

After a lifetime of involvement with the printing industry in many various aspects, I found the task of producing an eBook to be challenging and yet ultimately, very simple.

My exposure as a young bloke in a print shop was to wood and lead type, hand fed printing machines and later automatic sheet fed presses printing from lead type and stereos. As time went by the presses improved and offset became the norm and so it involved learning about photo imaging, aluminum plates and water/ink relationships. imagesThe presses too became more sophisticated and the speeds and quality meant that a lot that we had learnt was discarded and new methods and techniques had to be adopted.

The advent of the computer had a dramatic effect on commercial printing as many organisations were able to produce their printed material in their own offices and the printing industry had to adapt or perish. Web fed offset machinery took over the majority of large run work and the small ‘jobbing’ printers disappeared.

So when presented with the task of preparing a manuscript for an eBook I turned to Amazon Kindle for help and the assistance provided is breathtaking. A complete Manual of ‘how to’ is available on line and explains the requirements of the text and cover. The process is simple for someone with a medium level of computer literacy and in following posts I will explain how I produced 4 books and 208132-kindle_3_180uploaded them to both Kindle and Smashwords.

Look out for my next post for more thoughts from an old

Christmas Greetings

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Hi to my loyal followers,

Please accept my sincere wish for a Wonderful and Peaceful Christmas and my Best wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year

Click here for your Christmas Card  –  ,merryxmasbyjohnlennonl

My apologies for an absence but health issues do take over. But I am back at maximum performance and look forward to providing some interesting posts next

We have had a fun lately with the completion of Kate Loveday’s  2 books now available in Printed and eBook format. And Inheritance has been published by Escape Publishing!

Amazon Books

Keep safe and Good Luck!

Review: The Man Who Refused To Die

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Author:           Alan Thomas

Published:      Penketh Publications41lvI-xfZOL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-69,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_

Reviewed:      15/10/2013

Available:   Amazon

Synopsis:        Nobody wants to grow old but what would you give for the chance of eternal youth? In this gripping novel an ambitious scientist sets out to prove that ageing is a ‘disease’ that can be cured – a quest that has devastating consequences.

Wealthy businessman Dimitry Yablonsky finds it unbearable to witness his beloved father’s descent into old age. So he decides to award a prize of $100 million to anyone who can find a way of halting the human ageing process.

Dr Jonathan Palmer, a brilliant Cambridge scientist, aims to do just that. Despite the opposition of his deeply-religious wife, his colleagues and the Law, he is determined to let nothing stand between him and the ultimate prize in science.

But Palmer’s work sparks off a chain of events that bring both joy and hope, bitterness and betrayal in their wake. He is prepared to sacrifice his marriage and even his life in pursuit of his quest, while Yablonsky risks losing his reputation and his liberty if a guilty secret is revealed.

Based on contemporary scientific developments, The Man Who Refused to Die confirms that today’s science fiction may soon be tomorrow’s science fact!


My Thoughts:

This is not a genre that I normally read, however, I found the Synopsis intriguing.

The story is well crafted and has some quirky issues that draw the reader into the plot. The background to Dimitry Yablonsky is interesting and he is certainly a ‘man of mystery’.  Having decided to offer a very large prize for the person who can successfully halt the aging process, we then meet an interesting cast of people who take us on a fateful journey.  

The main character is Dr Jonathon Palmer whose brilliance is matched by his impulsiveness and ruthlessness. His wife, Julie, is obsessed by her religious background and her devotion to her Chapel.  Many other characters enter the story which by now has become quite complex. The testing of advanced anti aging systems on humans leads to some dramatic and fateful results. The conclusion is stunning and breathtaking.

The plot has a good pace and the storylines intertwine into a complex web of deceit, fantastical probabilities, and a touch of sci-fi.

A fascinating debut novel that promises much for the future.


Format/Typo Issues:


I found no significant errors


Rating: *** Three stars


After an enforced break and much care and cosseting I am recovered from my Cardiac surgery and have once again picked up the pencil to write some reviews. My rehab has been supplemented with the reading of some good and bad books. I will omit the bad, but over time I will review some of the good books that have helped me recover.

I will also be adding some interesting snippets about my family history that I uncovered whilst recuperating

Its nice to be back!

How to Fix a Broken Heart

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The romance novels have got lots of remedies and have many clichés used to advise one how to fix a broken heart. You know, the mournful C & W music, the bottom of a bottle, walking the streets at midnight. All those types of remedies.

No, I mean the physical kind of heart that has found that a less than perfect diet over the years, maybe not enough hard exercise, perhaps a tad too much red wine, has caused the arteries to become blocked with a build-up of fatty, waxy deposits on the inside of my arteries. 

These deposits are made up of cholesterol, calcium, and other substances in the blood. Plaque deposits can clog the coronary arteries and make them stiff and irregular. This is called “hardening of the arteries.” There can be a single blockage or multiple blockages, and they can vary in severity and location. These deposits slowly narrow the coronary arteries, causing my heart to receive less blood and oxygen. This decrease in blood flow may cause chest pain (angina), shortness of breath or other symptoms.


Well, you guessed it, that is now my problem and the solution is to have a Coronary Bypass Operation.  Coronary artery bypass grafting, or “CABG” (pronounced “cabbage”), is a common heart procedure. A surgeon takes a section of a healthy blood vessel from my leg, chest, or arm. The vessel is then connected (grafted) to my coronary artery slightly past the site of the blockage. This creates a new path for blood to flow around (bypass) the blockage in the artery so it can get to my heart.(Acknowledgements here to Medtronic Inc of Sydney)


Now, there will be some who will be amazed that there is in fact a heart in there at all! Sorry to disappoint!

You know, there has been some pretty amazing heart stopping moments in my life so far, but none that will match this event. I am told that I will be attached to a heart-lung bypass machine whilst the surgeon does the grafting. Awesome!! The gruesome pic at the right is what is proposed and when compcad-graftbypass-lgleted will give me a new lease of life.

So, to all my handful of followers and to any other interested bystanders, there will be a pause in my blogs (unusual!) and in my other normal activities, but like all bad pennies and annoying smells – I shall return!

I can only marvel at the fantastic Medical Service that we have in Australia and am so grateful for what they can achieve.  This enforced rest will give me the time to read and review more great Australian authors. Kath and I will fight this together and maybe even write a book about How to Fix a Broken Heart.